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About Us

NanUhm Angels Investment

“Early Stage Investor with the Expertise in Scale-up Development”

Leveraging our VC investment track record and accelerating capacity,

NanUhm Angels discover and foster startup companies

in fashion, food, and prop-tech. sectors led by under-represented founders.

Our Story

Founded in 2019, "Doing Good. Doing Well" reflects our mission of pursuing both social impact and financial success in startup sustainability. NanUhm Angels believe that companies can make a positive difference in society while also generating sustainable growth in profits. We think the phrase implies that these two objectives are not mutually exclusive and can be pursued simultaneously.

Thus far, NanUhm Angels have various startup programs such as a customer development program and specialized mental counseling for startup founders. In 2019, we invested in Superb, a mobile game company, and exited via M&A to HYBE Entertainment, the agency of BTS.


Our Approach


Our Discipline



Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Doing Good. Doing Well. We are doing it.

Please contact us for more opportunities.

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